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Things to keep in mind while shopping for chicken and meat!

For a long time, we have felt very much intimidated while buying chicken and meat, as because we didn’t really know what to look for. It is obvious that the best way to feel confident that you are buying good quality and fresh meat is to buy it from a good butcher. These are mostly someone local and independent who buys the animal from the local farm and does the butchering of the animals themselves. These kinds of the butcher shop were once fading out but now it seems that the number has, risen again, so always try to approach them if you have one in our neighborhood or order online.

Points to consider upon before buying fresh meat or chicken online

Mentioned below are some of the points that you should consider before choosing a piece of fresh and best quality meat out of the case.

  • Well-Butchered- A skilled butcher who cares about the quality of his or her products will generally have well-butchered pieces of meat on display. Also, the cuts of the meat should be of same size as well as thickness.
  • Colour- Colour of the meat can vary depending upon the particular cut. But at the same time, the fresh chicken or meat will have a rich, vibrant, eye-catching colour. If the colour is uniform then it indicates the quality of the meat, since the discoloured spots on the meat are the sigh of the poor quality of meat o meat that past its prime.
  • Texture- Also give a look at the grain of the meat, means the direction of the muscle fibres and how tight or uniform the muscle fibres look. If you find that the fibre is broken, uneven or very loose then these are the significant sign of poor quality or poor handling of meat. And so should avoid buying this kind of chicken or meat.

If you prefer to have a very succulent piece of meat that will melt in your mouth after braising, then choose a piece of meat with all these features. Like Short ribs or a fatty chuck will work perfectly.

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